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Welcome to Demorgia Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, a trusted name in the field of skills assessment and business consultancy. We are dedicated to fostering skill development, enhancing employability, and promoting growth within industries. With a commitment to excellence, we provide comprehensive assessment services that align with the organization's standards and the specific requirements of the sector. By leveraging our expertise with team of Assessors and utilizing innovative assessment tools, we provide valuable insights into individuals' strengths and areas for improvement. This enables them to make informed decisions regarding their career paths, identify skill gaps, and take necessary steps to enhance their professional capabilities.
In addition to our assessment services, we offer expert business consultancy to support organizations in achieving their strategic objectives. Our seasoned consultants bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the table, assisting businesses in optimizing their operations, implementing effective strategies, and driving sustainable growth. Contact us today to discover how Demorgia Consulting Services can support you in your assessment and consultancy needs. We look forward to being your trusted partner in unlocking opportunities and driving transformation.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and industries through accurate assessments, fostering skill development, and contributing to a skilled and competent workforce.

Our Plan

Collaborate closely with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to align our initiatives and contribute to the national skill development agenda.

Our Vision

To be a leading assessment agency, recognized for our commitment to excellence, innovation, and driving positive impact on individuals and industries.


Empowering Growth with Tailored Solutions and Unparalleled Client Support

Skills Assessment

We offer comprehensive skills assessment services across various sectors, ensuring accurate evaluation and certification of individuals' competencies. Our assessments align with industry standards and are conducted by qualified assessors using advanced methodologies and online technological platform.

Skill Gap Analysis

Through our skill gap analysis services, we help businesses identify areas where their employees may require further training or development. By assessing the existing skill sets and analyzing the desired competencies, we provide insights to bridge the gap and foster continuous improvement within organizations.

Manpower Solutions

Demorgia Consulting Services offers manpower solutions to assist businesses in sourcing, recruiting, and retaining skilled professionals. We understand the importance of a competent workforce and help organizations find the right talent to meet their specific requirements.

Training and Development

We offer training programs and workshops designed to enhance individuals' skills and knowledge in various domains. Our industry-specific training modules focus on improving practical abilities, soft skills, and professional development, empowering individuals to excel in their careers.

Software Solutions

we specialize in delivering cutting-edge software solutions that empower businesses to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. Our tailored solutions cater to diverse industries, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance to meet your unique needs.

Business Solutions

As technology enthusiasts, we are always exploring new tools and frameworks to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. We stays up-to-date with the latest trends in web and mobile development, ensuring that applications are built using the most advanced and efficient technologies available.

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Our Skills

At Demorgia Consulting Services, we possess a diverse skill set that enables us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. With deep industry knowledge, innovative methodologies, and a commitment to excellence, we deliver exceptional services that drive success.

Assessment Excellence 99%
Manpower Solutions95%
Software Solutions 90%
Business Solutions85%
Training & Development80%


Our team's expertise spans various domains, including assessment excellence, strategic business consultancy, digital marketing proficiency, and talent acquisition and manpower solutions. We leverage our skills to help individuals unlock their potential and organizations achieve their goals.

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